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Pre-ETS April 2024 Calendar

By April 5, 2024Event

Pre-ETS April 2024 Calendar is here! Join Pre-ETS to access our Workshops, Events and More!

Click here for a Downloadable PDF of the Pre-ETS April 2024 Calendar

Pre-ETS April 2024 Calendar flyer


Pre-ETS Community Workshops
All workshops require RSVP
Please e-mail Noelle or Courtney at or
All about me month
4/4 5:30-7:30pm In person- What do I need/want?- Youth will identify their needs and wants and what the difference between the two are.
4/11 5:30-7:30pm In person- How to get what I need/want?- After youth discover what they need/want they will identify what steps they need to take in order to achieve their needs and wants.
4/17 5:30-7:30pm In person- Self awareness- Youth will gain the ability to recognize their surroundings and how they interact with it. They will see the impact of their behaviors on their surroundings.
4/25 5:30-7:30pm In person- Self regulation- Youth will recognize the benefits of regulating skills and what those are specifically for them.
4/30 5:30-7:30pm In person- My style- What’s my communication and learning style and how will that impact me at work, and how do I express that to others.


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