Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services (DHILS)

The DHILS Department continues to take new referrals during the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Center for Living & Working’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services (DHILS) include a variety of choices for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers. We accept referrals from other agencies or individuals may self-refer by visiting or calling our offices.

Services provided are in the following areas:

Core Services

  • Skills Training
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Advocacy (Individual & Community)
  • Information & Referral

Target Area Services

  • Independence
  • Health Care
  • Education & Training
  • Advocacy & Resources

Other Services

  • Outreach and Community Education
  • Volunteer/Internship Program
  • Assistive Technology Training/Loaner Program

Assistive Technology

Center for Living & Working is an Authorized Dealer for Harris Communications which provides assistive products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing such as:

  • Fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Doorbell alerts
  • Baby criers/signalers
  • TV listening systems
  • FM systems
  • Videophones

Our staff will work with you to:

  • Assess/evaluate what kind of equipment is needed
  • Order the equipment
  • Install and set up
  • Provide training on how to use the equipment

Contact the DHILS Department for more information!



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Community ASL Classes

To inquire about future Community ASL Classes please email: