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MassHealth Estate Recovery Reform Talking Points for Written Testimony

By October 7, 2021Covid 19 Update

Please send written testimony in support of H 1246 and S 749, MassHealth Estate Recovery Reform.  The bills will help protect the homes of individuals living with disabilities.

Oral testimony was given by two panels on Tuesday in support of H 1246 and S 749 An act protecting the homes of seniors and people with disabilities on MassHealth before the Joint Committee on Healthcare Finance. The first panel consisted of lawyers who focused on the overall changes in the legislation that will restrict MassHealth to just the federal minimum estate recovery requirements while the second was comprised of people with disabilities/ family members specifically about the provision in the legislation that exempts people on CommonHealth from estate recovery.

Testimony was well received by the joint committee but now the hard work begins. We need strong written testimony from constituents around the state supporting the bills and giving examples of how this draconian MassHealth practice literally ruins peoples lives and denies people with disabilities and elders from working, owning property, and inter-generational wealth. We can stop this!

Attached are Talking Points and contact information to send testimony. If your center is in the district of Chairman Lawn or Chairwoman Friedman testimony from constituents is extremely powerful however other members of the committee (you can find members here: are also important to contact. The next two weeks will have the most significant impact but certainly any testimony after then is great

MassHealth Estate Recovery Reform Talking Points for Written Testimony

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