Center for Living & Working is ready to assist individuals living in an institutional setting such as: nursing home, hospital, of intermediate care facilities to return to living independently in their community with the necessary services and supports for a greater quality of life.

Nursing Home Initiative and Money Follows the Person (MFP) are two services aimed at achieving this.

  • Nursing Home Transition initiative: is in line with the States commitment to Community First, supporting residents of Massachusetts of all ages and disabilities offering additional support services so the individual can successfully return to living within their community for as long as they choose.
  • Money Follows the Person: This is a five year demonstration project the goal of which is to rebalance the Massachusetts service system, effectively moving funding from facility based settings to home and community based settings.  CLW provides the Transition Coordination to eligible individuals and assists the individual to return to their hames and/or communities.

The third important service of the Transitions Department is Providing Independent Living-Long Term Services and Supports Coordination        (IL-LTSS) for the One Care Demonstration.

  • One Care is a Self-Directed Health Care model for individuals with MassHealth and Medicare.  The goal of this demonstration is to provide a less expensive, better coordinated health care with greater access to necessary supports.  CLW’s IL-LTSS Coordinator works with the individual to establish the supports necessary to improve health.  The hope is by accessing appropriate supports services the individual will be less likely to require acute medical care including hospitalization and/or placement in long term care facilities.