Transition to Adulthood Program (TAP)

Group ADA DayCLW’s TAP provides services to young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 who are enrolled in special education and have the desire to learn independent living and self-advocacy skills. TAP skills trainers provide traditional independent living services as well as guidance with the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Transition Plan (ITP) process. Utilizing the role model approach, the peer counselor and consumer will build a relationship through sharing real life experiences and develop an independent living plan together. The four core services offered to every young adult include Information and Referral, Peer Counseling, Independent Living Skills Training and Advocacy.


Transitional Internship Program (TIP)

Cooking ClassThis program is designed to offer students a 12 week paid internship opportunity and structured workshops to support their growth, skill development and exploration of work.  This program is for high school students with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 22.  The goal is to offer students an internship, supplemented with job-readiness workshops and one-on-one skills training and peer counseling.

• Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills
• Professionalism & Professional Relationships
• Time and Stress Management
• Self-Advocacy & Disclosure
• Exploration of Benefits


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