Specialized Technical Equipment Program (STEP)

There are many devices out there to help individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing live independently and access the outside world for social contact and Emergency situations.

The many choices available for technology for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people include:

  •  Visual fire alarms
  •  Visual carbon monoxide alarms
  •  Alarm clocks
  • Visual doorbells
  • Visual baby crier signalers
  •  Personal listening device
  • and much more

Our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services staff members will be happy to meet with you to discuss the wide range of technology available to fit your needs. There are funding programs available that will help you purchase equipment if you are not able to afford it on your own (based on financial needs criteria). Please contact our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Department for more information.

You may order equipment directly from us. We will review with you the different kinds of equipment available, assist you in deciding what will best fit your needs and place your order.



Similar to captioned television, CaptionCall uses advanced technology and a communications assistant to provide nearly instant written captions of what callers say on a large, easy-to-read screen. It works like a regular telephone – simply dial and answer calls as usual – speak and listen using a phone handset like always.  The captioning service is free. Captioning is provided by CaptionCall and paid through a fund administered by the Federal Communications Commission.


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Harris Communications

Center for Living & Working is an Authorized Dealer for Harris Communications which provides assistive products for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Equipment includes: FM Systems, fire/safety alarms, doorbell alerts, baby crier/signalers, TV listening, loop systems and more!

Please contact us for further questions!

(V/TTY) 508-755-1003

(Video Phone) 508-762-1164