Personal Care Management
Every year CLW serves over 1,000 people in Central Massachusetts who have Medicaid insuarance and need the help of a Personal Care Attendant (PCA). As an Independent Living Center, we are committed to assuring that those we serve have complete control in managing their own personal care.

This committment translates to a paradigm shift: the person with the disability becomes the boss, employing his/her own personal care attendant. We teach each individual how to meet their own personal care needs, how to interview personal care attendants and check references. Hiring and firing of the PCA, establishing a daily care schedule, it’s all in the consumer’s hands, where the control belongs.

Along the way, CLW is there to help. We visit and call the consumer to troubleshoot and encourage. The bottom line: personal needs are met in an independent manner, with all of the dignity and pride every individual deserves.

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MA PCA Referral Directory

This directory is sponsored by the Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Quality Home Care Workforce Council and it offers a comprehensive and current list of people in Massachusetts who are ready to provide personal care. It is a service of Rewarding Work Resources, Inc.

This program is free for residents of Massachusetts who receive PCA services through MassHealth.

The directory will enable PCA users in Massachusetts to receive the support they need to live independently. You can get names, contact information, and availability of PCAs for full or part-time work, review their experience, and learn if they are available to work mornings, days, evenings, or weekends. How it works

  1. If you receive PCA services from MassHealth, you may obtain free access to the list of PCA candidates.
  2. Each time you access the list of applicants, you will need to login to MA PCA Directory . Enter your email address, password, and MassHealth number to get verification that you are MassHealth eligible. This will take only a few seconds and can be done online.
  3. Establish an account by registering here.
  4. After you receive verification from MassHealth, you may immediately search the list of available PCAs.
  5. When you find one or more people who meet your specific needs, you contact them by phone or email to arrange an interview. Before you interview your PCA, check the List of Excluded Individuals/Entities maintained by the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The MassHealth PCA program can NOT pay you for a PCA whose name is listed.
  6. When you find someone who meets your needs and who wants to work for you, you hire that person. Click here for hiring tips.
  7. Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) who are looking to work for people with disabilities and elders can also join this online directory. This will enable prospective PCA employers to learn who is available, and may contact you. If you want a job as a PCA or direct care worker, click here.


If you have questions, please contact the Center for Living & Working Inc. at Voice 508-798-0350 or TTY 508-755-1003.


Job candidates in the Rewarding Work database have NOT been screened in any way and their backgrounds have NOT been checked.

It is your responsibility as an employer to check references and backgrounds of people you may hire.